Film & TV Productions

For over 15 years, we have been providing Film & Television productions on the Gold Coast with assistance with setting up their production networks, providing on-going computer troubleshooting and IT support, and advice on technology.

Whilst many of the films operate out of Village Roadshow Studios, we also provide support and assistance to productions operating around the Gold Coast and South East Queensland.

We can assist your production with:

  • Rental of networking equipment
  • Provision of high speed internet services for fixed locations for short terms
  • Rental of phone system equipment
  • Rental of portable internet services for location shoots both for on-set crew and unit base
  • Advice on wired and wireless technologies used in and around set to ensure there are no conflicts
  • IT Support for both PCs and Macs
  • Procurement of small laser printers
  • Creative ways of using technology to meet the demands of production!

We have worked with a wide range of 3rd party vendors on ensuring both their technology, the demands of the production, and the security of the intellectual property is protected and would be glad to assist you with yours.

Just give us a yell!