Managed IT Services

What are Managed Services?

Many IT firms now offer “flat fee, all you can eat” IT services which they tout as managed services. As a result, you may think that a “managed service agreement” simply means an “unlimited support agreement”, and may compare the value of such an agreement with your current business IT support costs.

A true managed service offering creates a symbiotic relationship between the client and the IT provider.

In a true managed service offering, it is in the IT provider’s best interest to take an active role in the ongoing planning and implementation of your business technology so as to minimise computer problems, thus improving your businesses efficiency whilst reducing calls to their help desk.

Great managed service providers become stakeholders in their clients businesses. Success for their clients, is success for them.

The goal of a managed service provider is to help you implement the technology your business needs, so that you can do what you do best, with improved efficiency, reduced interruption, yet still being cost effective.

Managed service providers are not in the business of equipment sales.

Being a great managed service provider is not about selling you expensive hardware or software, but instead taking the time to research, test and then recommend solutions which they have absolute faith will meet your business needs, whilst proving to be reliable and meet your budget constraints.

Having a great managed service provider is like having time share of your own IT Manager, IT Consultant, and Support Help Desk

When you start to compare the difference between a great managed service provider, and an IT provider offering an “all you can eat” support plan, you will realise that the value a great managed service provider can bring to your business goes beyond the number of support calls you expect to make, or the number of hours they will provide.

When you work with a great managed service provider you will start to focus on the value they bring to your business by improving the way your business uses technology, helping you to accurately determine the correct technology your business needs, and helping you achieve your vision of success.

Great managed service providers give your business ACCOUNTABILITY for your computer systems

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