Backup and Disaster Recovery

Where Data Availability Meets Security On The Gold Coast

While chances of a fire, flood or power outage might be slim, it’s man-made disasters that are increasing both in number and intensity. Make the mistake of taking security lightly and you can end up losing your entire wealth of data, leaving your business suspended and your clients turning in the other direction. Don’t take that chance!

Insane Technologies Pty Ltd’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution backs up your data to multiple off-site storage sites to ensure the core of your business is protected and available no matter what comes your way.

Benefits of Backup and Disaster Recovery from Insane Technologies include:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Automatic, scheduled, offsite data backup
  • Incremental backup that consumes less bandwidth
  • Data compression to ensure fast backup
  • No data upload restriction
  • Extensive reporting that ensures data integrity
  • Minimize downtime with data availability

Avoid headaches, expense and downtime and work with confidence. Sleep easy knowing a little extra protection goes a long way when it comes to protecting and preserving your data.

Protecting businesses throughout the Gold Coast.

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