“But We’re Small…
Nobody Would Bother To Hack Us, Right?”


  • One in five small businesses falls victim to cybercrime each year and that number is GROWING. (Source: National Cyber Security Alliance)
  • Small businesses are low-hanging fruit because they don’t believe they are a target, and therefore have very loose or no security systems or protocols in place.
  • Half of all cyber attacks are aimed at SMBs. (Source: Forbes Article, “5 Ways Small Businesses Can Protect Against Cybercrime”)

Crimeware or "Crime as a Service" (CaaS) is a thriving business model with an estimated USD $2 trillion dollars generated per year (Source: United Nations)

  • Full corporations setup to develop, market and support Crimeware
  • Software comes with Guarantees, ie “30 Day Money Back Guarantee”
  • Software comes complete with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Software comes complete with technical support helplines!

In Australia alone, $229 million was ‘scammed’ out of Australians in 2015 (Source: ACCC), which is a 15% increase over 2014 (Source: ScamWatch.gov.au) and this number is rising.

As of 2016, Phishing and Ransomware have become the most prominent threats to businesses, impacting their ability to service their customers and forcing them to pay hefty fees to recover their data - something that happens a lot more than it should!

With the introduction of fines of up to $1.7 million dollars for a breach of the Australian Privacy Act, along with the introduction of Mandatory Breach Notification, businesses need to be proactive about the protection of their data before they become a statistic.

We can help your business assess it's unique risk profile and develop a suitable strategy to protect your business and your customers information from emerging cyber-threats. We provide defense in-depth solutions which implement multiple layers of protection, and back it up with cyber-security awareness training to help improve your teams understanding of the threats out there and how to identify them.

Since 2011, David has been running regular cyber-security awareness workshops and seminars to help small business owners and managers understand and protect against this growing problem. David has spoken at numerous conferences on the subject, including the 2017 Queensland Law Society Symposium.

To find out how we can protect your business from cyber-criminals, ransomware and other malicious attackers, call (07) 5606-6102 today!