BGL Simple Fund could be putting your business at risk!

UPDATE: On the 3/11/2016, the Director of BGL Corp contacted me regarding this article. Ron Lesh and I discussed in detail about the issue we [INSANE and the other IT provider] had identified. Ron went on to confirm for me that the latest update informs the individual performing the update if the default password is still in use, and prompts them to correct this.

CRITICAL ALERT: Do you remote into your computer or servers? You could be at risk of a new RANSOMWARE variant we discovered YESTERDAY!

Please take the time to read this post. It could save your business a lot of money and heartache!

YESTERDAY (the 7th of April 2016) a client was hit with a new variant of ransomware (malware that encrypts all your files and holds them to ransom). I've spent the last 24 hours scouring through their log files trying to ascertain how the infection occurred - suspecting that it was either via email or a compromised web page.

Jumping from Android to Apple…

These days, buying a smartphone is a lot like buying a car. Whether you get a Hyundai Getz or a Ford Focus doesn’t really matter in terms of driveability. Both will get you from A to B, both have 4 wheels and you can choose whatever colour you like. Which one you decide to get depends on one factor: Which one you like better in terms of looks and a gut feeling of ‘this is it’. (more…)

TAFE QLD Hack Downplayed!

On Tuesday, we heard that the Department of Education and TAFE Queensland websites had been 'hacked', but no confidential information had been obtained. "No more than you could find in the White Pages", or so we were told....... (more…)