WARNING: Windows 10 Upgrades coming ….

The guys and I have been running the preview version of Windows 10 for some time and we think it’s going to be a great improvement on Windows 7, and more importantly Windows 8/8.1. (That being said, we loved Windows 8.1 in our office, but we’re nerds!) But before you rush to upgrade, there’s some […]

Your Anti Virus Won’t Save You Now…

In the last week, two of our clients got hit with the latest variant of CryptoLocker. CryptoLocker (and it’s variants) is the notorious malware that encrypts all your data and holds the decryption key to ransom, sometimes for thousands of dollars. There is no way to decrypt the data. The malware will scan your personal […]

Web Hosting Space

Web Hosting Space –What are the Prerequisites?

The act of purchasing web hosting on the Gold Coast is simply a matter of clicks but requires certain things in order for greater savings and proper utilisation of the space. Along with thoughtful planning with regards to the quantum of disk space required, and the type of bandwidth that is essential for smooth functions, […]


Different Kinds of Computer Repairs

In order to get the right service with regards to computer repairs on the Gold Coast, it is important to have a good idea about the different kinds of specialisations in that field. Mentioned below are some of the common types of repair jobs done by reputed service providers in this city. Virus Removal Companies […]


IT Consultant Services – Guaranteeing Data Safety and Security

A common problem most online industries confront every day is slow or poor system performance. With everything digitized, industries like medical, with massive databases often encounter difficulties in accessing and using the patient data effectively and efficiently. This could affect the performance and productivity and needs to be resolved at the earliest possible. Adding salt […]


How Cloud Technology Can Help Medical Practices

The use of technology has enhanced the way medical practice’s operate over the years. Almost every medical practice has its records stored digitally in a server-based environment. The most recent enhancement in the field of information storage comes as a result of “the cloud”. The advantage of storing information in the cloud are many. Here […]

Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars We run monthly educational webinars on the last Thursday of every month @ 11.00am. These webinars generally go for between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the topic and any questions you may have. To register for the next webinar, click the topic you’re interested in. September 25th – Are FREE Public Wi-Fi […]

Why Is VPN Service an Advantage to Business?

Virtual Private Network (VPN): It is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, virtual ‘tunneling protocols’, or traffic encryptions. A virtual private network connection across the Internet is similar to a wide area network (WAN) link between sites. Significance in business: VPN is an essential part of IT support […]

Importance of spyware removal and protection on a business network

Spyware: Spyware is a program that installs itself into the hard drive of a user and obtains and transmits information about the user’s activities. Some of the commonly known spyware are Keyloggers Trojans Botnets Spam, Ads, Popups: While it isn’t necessary harmful, it does affect the performance of the system. Also known as adware, their […]

How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Business

The cloud is the way to go: Cloud Computing has revolutionised the IT sector and has made business expansion and operations more convenient by storing information on the cloud. But like all new technologies, it is yet to be used in its entire capacity by the industry. If you are a business owner and planning […]

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