January 2014 Webinar

2014: The Business Challenges and Technology Trends You NEED To Be Aware of and Planning for NOW!

If you missed our first webinar of 2014, you can watch it again here.

Recorded Thursday the 16th of January, 2014.

Topics covered:

The 2018 Commonwealth Games are now only a few short years away.

  • What will be the impact of the Games to your business?
  • What should you be starting to plan NOW?
  • What technologies should do you NEED to know about?

The Cloud is here, loud and proud, and whether you like it or not, you’re going there this year.

  • Find out WHY you’ll WANT to go to the Cloud in 2014.
  • Learn the QUICK and EASY ways to make sure you’re cloud ready!
  • and what Cloud services should you be using NOW?

Overseas Outsourcing

  • HOW can you take advantage of cheaper overseas labour services?
  • WHAT you need to look out for and WHY sometimes it’s just not a good idea.

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