Cloud File Sharing Systems Compared

Are you currently using DropBox, Box, Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive for your business, or wondering which of these would be best for your business?

The following recording was taken during our recent “Cloud & Mobility” workshop. During this part of the workshop, we dissected the 4x big cloud file sharing systems and pointed out their pro’s and con’s.

Watch on as we dissect each solutions liability terms, backup policy, encryption policy, privacy policy and security policy.


If you’re looking for a cloud based file storage system for your business, the solution that will put your business at a minimum risk is DropBox for Business at USD $795/year for 5 users. However, if you have multiple staff accessing and updating the same files and are at risk of issues associated with file locking then you should use Box for Business, although be aware that Box has a very weak backup policy. Based on the policies of Microsoft and Google, we’d encourage all business owners to avoid Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive for use in storing business documents.

Consult a specialist for advice on whether storing client information on one of these cloud storage systems violates the Australian Privacy Act and at all times, be aware that none of these systems should be relied upon as a backup system.

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