Is it time for the regulation of IT consultants?

When Henry Ford built the Model T, safety wasn’t his number one concern. Despite the automobile existing in some form since 1807, the enforced use of seat-belts in motor vehicles didn’t occur till the 1970s in Australia, and similar periods for other developed countries.

Should you trust public wireless internet?

Don’t let me get bored. Ever. I tend to do things I probably shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s harmless like acting a bit quirky to get a laugh or a reaction, other times I’ll just casually scan an open network looking to see whether the IT guy has a clue or not. This is a story about […]

Meet ‘Tox’ – Ransomware as a Service

If you weren’t already concerned about your company’s data, you should be. In May researchers at McAfee (the anti-virus vendor) discovered a new software offering that allowed anyone to become a ‘crim’ and get in on the act of locking up your data for ransom, called ‘Tox’.