Should you trust public wireless internet?

Don’t let me get bored. Ever. I tend to do things I probably shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s harmless like acting a bit quirky to get a laugh or a reaction, other times I’ll just casually scan an open network looking to see whether the IT guy has a clue or not. This is a story about […]

Meet ‘Tox’ – Ransomware as a Service

If you weren’t already concerned about your company’s data, you should be. In May researchers at McAfee (the anti-virus vendor) discovered a new software offering that allowed anyone to become a ‘crim’ and get in on the act of locking up your data for ransom, called ‘Tox’.

Beginners Guide to Documenting Procedures

Most people know that in business we should document all our policies and procedures. It makes training new staff easier, and allows for easier delegation. But it’s about there that many people stop. Today I’m going to share how we write many of our procedures with a couple of tools you probably already have.

STOP. Before you ask that question, read this first!

Quite often our instant reaction when we don’t know the answer to something is to turn to someone else and seek the answer from them. You could be turning to the person in the cubicle next to you, or reaching for your mobile phone to call the person who you think can answer your question, […]

Should you put your emails in the cloud?

Everyone is talking about ‘the cloud’ and how ‘your business’ should be in it. We’ve already given you a brief run down on what ‘the cloud’ is in our article ‘What the hay is the cloud‘, but what cloud services are right for your business? Cloud based email services (Google Apps for Business, Hosted Exchange […]

Dealing with Difficult People

Have you met this person? He is often angry, pushy, impatient, manipulative, complaining and generally difficult to get along with.

No matter what job we are in and where we live we will all bump into him at some stage. Some of us will have the challenge of working with him, for him or even being related!

Read on for some handy tips which will help you when dealing with difficult people!

5 Handy Webtools

By Aaron Brown This month we have searched the ‘intawebs’ for handy webtools. We found so many, we didn’t have the time to review them all. This month we reviewed TinyURL, YouSendIt, Recuva, and Google Docs and Spreadsheets. If you have a lifesaver webtool you want to share with our Insane family let us […]