Jumping from Android to Apple…

These days, buying a smartphone is a lot like buying a car. Whether you get a Hyundai Getz or a Ford Focus doesn’t really matter in terms of driveability. Both will get you from A to B, both have 4 wheels and you can choose whatever colour you like. Which one you decide to get depends on one factor: Which one you like better in terms of looks and a gut feeling of ‘this is it’.Continue reading

Should you consider an Android handset as your next business phone?

Smart phones are an integral part of the modern business person’s repertoire. Having a phone that can simply make calls and send text messages is a luxury of the past. If we don’t have instant access to our corporate emails, contacts and calendar, there’s a feeling of disconnect.
With that in mind I felt it was time to step outside the comfort of my iPhone 4 and give one of the opposition a test. I got my hands on one of Samsung’s new wonder phone, the Galaxy S II (SGSII), which is running one of the latest versions of Google’s Android mobile operating system (v2.3.3) and gave it a thorough road test.Continue reading