Promoting Your Facebook Business Page

A number of our clients have been asking me about Facebook business Pages, so today I’m going to share with you some simple steps to help promote your Facebook business page.

We’re going to assume you have a Facebook business Page set-up already. If not, I’ll be putting together an article on doing that in the future for you. (Or you can contact us and we can assist you in getting one setup.)

Log in to your Facebook account and in the top right hand corner of the screen there is a down arrow. (see screenshot below. you can click the images to zoom in.)

Click this down arrow and it will show a drop down menu.

Notice the option Use Facebook as Page. If you have a single Facebook business Page, you will have the name of your page listed underneath this option. Clicking the name of your Page will make Facebook let you “act” as the Page, instead of you.

If you have more than one Facebook business page like me, clicking Use Facebook as Page will bring up a list of the Pages you manage.

Today I’m going to use the Village Roadshow Studios Page for the demonstration, so I am going to click the Switch button that is on the same line as Village Roadshow Studios. You will click Switch next to the Page you wish to work with.

Once you have Switched into the Page, you will notice that the top of your Facebook page will change. If you look at my first screenshot, it has my name in the top right hand corner. Now that I’ve switched, you can see that the name has changed to Village Roadshow Studios (below).

This means that whatever I do, will be tied to the Village Roadshow Studios Page account, not my account. This means that the Village Roadshow Studios page, can post, share photos, like other pages and people and this will not affect my personal account. Not that my personal account is that private, but my goal is to promote a business page, not me.

Today we want to promote our Page by visiting and liking other Pages that are relevant to our promotions, and inviting their fans to visit and like our page.

First thing to do is go to the search box at the top of the Facebook screen and type what you are looking for in the search box.

We’re going to search for Insane Technologies, then click the search button.

This will bring up a list of search results, exactly as it would if you were searching for a friend or a fan page under your normal Facebook account.

We could go ahead and click the LIKE button and this would add the Insane Technologies business fan Page to the list of Likes under the Village Roadshow Studios business Page.

Because we want to go to this page and promote to it’s fans, we’re going to click the blue Insane Technologies link. Again, this works just like it would if we were searching under our normal account.

This has now brought us to the Insane Technologies business fan page. Notice the LIKE button. This will only show for pages we have not yet LIKE’d. We’re going to go ahead and click the LIKE button.

Next we’re going to write on their wall. Something nice and friendly so that Page administrator’s don’t think we’re just spamming their page with advertising.

We don’t even need to put the URL for our page ( because the post we share will have our name on it, and our name is currently Village Roadshow Studios. This means if anyone clicks our name, it will take them to our business fan page. 😉

You can see here the outcome of me posting on the Insane Technologies wall. I have put the red box around the post to highlight it.

To go back to your normal account, click the down arrow in the top right hand corner of your Facebook page and click the menu option Switch back to David (your name will be there).

Now if we take a look at my Facebook wall (which shows all the new posts from everyone I follow and like), we’ll see the Posts that Village Roadshow Studios just made.

Don’t forget, the best way to promote your Facebook business page is to include the web address in your email signature, newsletters and other marketing materials. Encourage your friends and current page fan’s to share the page and invite others. You can even run a promotion or competition to raise x number of fans and a random person will win a prize – make it worth their effort, but even a $200 iPod is a fantastic gift to one person in exchange for asking your “fans” to extend your exposure to 1,000 people!

Of course, keep your page interesting. Good, interesting content will encourage organic growth.

There you go! 🙂

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