Tips for Maintaining Greater Security on a Cloud Server

Offering greater flexibility, performance and scalability of data, cloud computing on the Gold Coast has emerged as a great strength for business purposes over the last few years. In today’s world people are more concerned about cloud computing security, despite a lot of inbuilt security features in all methods of cloud computing.

Cloud computing security can be enhanced to further levels by users if they manage to adopt certain simple practices.

Here are a few security enhancement techniques, take a glance

Choose a reliable Cloud Vendor:

The prime step towards reliable security is to find a reliable cloud vendor. Trustworthy vendors are likely to adopt a wide range of security features to ensure that the data stored on the cloud is kept safe and secure.

Additional security measures you adopt are of no use if your cloud service is provided by an insecure service provider.


It is recommendable to use a firewall and update it regularly. An effective working firewall is good enough to prevent potential attacks and frequent server crashes leading to data loss.

Install only relevant software:

It is a fact that the vulnerability of your cloud data increases with the installation of more software. Therefore, it is good to avoid the installation of unnecessary software and look at using applications delivered via SaaS platform’s which can be used directly without installation.

Choose the Right OS:

Always choose an operating system that can offer reliable security features in adherence to its performance. Avoid certain OS’s which are simple to work alone but built with lower levels of security.

Adopting these simple features and keeping all features of the server updated will ensure that your cloud setup will be free from data threats and disturbances.

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