Email Malware Alert – Emotet!!

Emotet has been around since approximately 2014 but has recently evolved into a much more aggressive malware virus.

Emotet initiates from a phishing email which is then clicked on by a user.  Once a user has downloaded the malware (unintentionally) it will then forward the virus onto all contacts within the user’s mailbox in order for it to spread.  The emails are created to look legitimate and trustworthy using subject lines such as “Payment Remittance Advice” or “Overdue invoice” – which may seem as if it was sent from someone or an organisation you know.

The malware is usually an attachment to an email (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .xlsx).  Once opened and the content or editing is enabled, the macros embedded within the document release the malware.  It can also appear as a hyperlink within the body of the email.  Please see examples below:

The best way to avoid being infected with this aggressive virus is to educate your staff to assist in ensuring they do not click any suspicious links or open potentially malicious files.

If your computer has been infected, the network you are connected to may also become infected, including all other computers.  If this has occurred, you will need to isolate your computer from the network as quickly as possible and contact our office.

If you are concerned about malware protection for your business, please contact us.

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