Do you TRUST your Computer Guy 100% ??

What value do you place on the security of your computer systems? What of your database and other data? If someone gained access to your data, what would the implications be to your business and to your clients?

Do you have 100% confidence in the ethics of the people you employ not to leak confidential data to outside sources? Did you vent the Computer Guy or IT Support provider? What about THEIR staff? How confident are you that their staff can be trusted?

Many people forget that when you employ someone to look after your business computer systems, they get the KEYS TO THE CASTLE. They have access to everything, from critical company financials, to employee records, and to all the data you store – both for your own business and for those of your clients.

There is an IMPLIED TRUST that the “Computer Guy” is an ethical individual, who would never in a million years do anything untoward with your data.

Whether you hire someone full time to be your “Systems Administrator”, employ the services of a one man band, the mobile “computer guys”, or outsource to a firm like ours, there is significant risk that I find many business owners do not consider.

In a world where computer crime is a growing business, maybe it’s time you re-evaluated your faith in your computer guy.

“But I’ve been using him for years. He’s practically family.”

I hear that a lot when I meet with new business owners about their current computer guy. But you know, I heard that line too about a number of successful business owners’ accountants, who after being “part of the family” for 10 or more years, embezzled hundreds of thousands, and sometimes even millions, of their money.

“We put trust in them that they hire ethical individuals. They’re an established firm.”

Have you asked them what their hiring procedure is? Do they provide you with proof that every employee has had thorough background checks, including Police and credit checks.

Why credit checks? Desperate people do desperate things and whilst it may be no one’s business what sort of debt an individual is in, if they’re up to their eye balls in debt, who knows what even the nicest person is capable of, right?

“No one would want our data. We’re too small.”

How do you know that? You may consider your own business to be too small a target, with no real enemies who’d want to gain access to your data, but what about the people you service? And what about the people who they work for or with?

Are you 100% confident that no one would ever find some value in the information you store on your computer systems?

“They don’t have time to go nosing through our data. They’re too busy.”

So, the fact they have remote access to your systems, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, doesn’t mean that one of their staff could log into your systems late on a Friday night, and go hunting through your company financials?

How does that thought make you feel?

“We password protect all our data.”

Go to Google and type “password recovery”.

I could go on…..

If you’re still 100% confident in your Computer Guy, and feeling bullet proof, congratulations.

If you’re not, why not give me a call, and we can do a thorough examination of your computer security and provide you with peace of mind.

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