Transformers: Dark of the Moon

This film picks up from the events of Transformers 2 with the Autobots working alongside the US military to keep the Earth safe from the Decepticons and unsavoury human elements.  Not long after re-introducing us to Sam Witwicky (Played by Shai “The Beef” Shia LaBeouf) and filling us in on the war for Cybertron, we are thrown right in to the excitement.

Visual effects quality is utterly brilliant. The choice to film in 3D has pushed Director Michael Bay to slow down his signature ‘music video’ style action sequences, with the end result is quite amazing.  Long, sweeping action and no confusion over what is actually happening!

Backstory and character development were a welcome surprise, particularly considering they were glossed over so briefly in the first two movies.  There are no Oscar-worthy performances by any of the cast, but replacing Megan Fox (Actress) with someone who has some acting ability as well as casting good actors is very welcome.  Even some of the cringe worthy dialogue is not so painful when delivered well.

Essentially Transformers 3 is the best movie Michael Bay has made so far, so if you are a fan of action films, you will love this!

Cons: Being a huge Transformers nerd, there are a few minor complaints that the general public won’t care about, so I won’t go there.  Unfortunately the score is a letdown, essentially forgettable apart from the token Linken Park song.


By Stephen Burgess

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