The “Personal Computer” is about to change forever!

The “Personal Computer” is about to change forever! And here’s why!

Official Ubuntu forAndroid video (previous video pulled)

Review on Ubuntu for Android by Canonical

Basically the clever little people over at Ubuntu have beat Microsoft and Apple at merging the conventional desktop/laptop computer with a portable touch screen device (phone/tablet).

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s new operating system and is designed to be their major player against Apple’s iOS operating system for touch screen devices. It will be Microsoft’s major step to merge the two together. Apple likewise has been slowly releasing more “touch centric” devices so they could move towards a merge of the iDevices and OSX (which their Macs run on).

Ubuntu is a version of Linux. We use Linux on the servers at Village Roadshow Studios, our web servers, our phone system, amongst other places. Linux has enjoyed a lot of success in the “web server” end, however has struggled to penetrate the business desktop arena – typically dominated by Microsoft, as a result of Microsoft Office.

That being said, after Windows Vista, many pro-Microsoft people fled to Apple and as a result there are a number of businesses looking to see if they too can move away from a Microsoft lock in. This has also created a range of business applications commonly only found on Windows for both Apple and Linux environments, including very advanced commercial products.

Google’s phone/tablet software is called Android. Android runs on top of Linux. Whilst it’s been a great competitor against Apple, it has struggled a bit on the tablet side.

Anyway. The clever little people over at Ubuntu have merged Ubuntu and Android, and made it so that you can carry around ONE DEVICE – a mobile phone – and then plug it into a little dock at your home or work, and suddenly you have a full computer, or a home entertainment system (media center, or perhaps a system you could use during presentations!)

More information is here: as well as from Ubuntu’s own page here:

Microsoft releases the “consumer preview” of Windows 8 to the public in under 2 weeks. Windows 8 is due out this year. Apple will aiming to ensure they are not left behind.

I suspect we will see a major change in what everyone considers to be a “Personal Computer” within the next 12 – 18 months.

I know I’d rather carry around one device and it be able to do everything! Stay tuned!

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