How to prepare for a data breach

Whether you want to believe it or not, there’s a high probability that at some point in time your business will suffer a cyber incident that results in a data breach. It doesn’t [...]

Do I really need a cyber-secure printer or copier?

Yes and No, but mainly….. No. In the last few months our clients have been getting calls from Managed Print and Copier sales people suggesting that they could get “hacked” due to their printer [...]

WannaCry or WannaFail? Why you need to invest in Ransomware Protection NOW!

The most common objection I will get when presenting managed IT service options to a prospective customer is their belief that what we’re offering is either “too expensive” or [...]

Is it time for the regulation of IT consultants?

When Henry Ford built the Model T, safety wasn’t his number one concern. Despite the automobile existing in some form since 1807, the enforced use of seat-belts in motor vehicles [...]

BGL Simple Fund could be putting your business at risk!

UPDATE: On the 3/11/2016, the Director of BGL Corp contacted me regarding this article. Ron Lesh and I discussed in detail about the issue we [INSANE and the other IT provider] had identified. [...]

CRITICAL ALERT: Do you remote into your computer or servers? You could be at risk of a new RANSOMWARE variant we discovered YESTERDAY!

Please take the time to read this post. It could save your business a lot of money and heartache! YESTERDAY (the 7th of April 2016) a client was hit with a new variant of ransomware (malware that [...]

How to increase online browsing security……

Today I thought I’d pass on some tips I, and many of the team use to improve the safety of our browsing online – in the hope that it will help you better protect yourself.

TAFE QLD Hack Downplayed!

On Tuesday, we heard that the Department of Education and TAFE Queensland websites had been ‘hacked’, but no confidential information had been obtained. “No more than you could [...]

Cyber Crime – Who’s responsibility is it?

To avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime we need to accept responsibility for our own security and safety online.

Mandatory Breach Notification.. What does it mean for YOU?

If your personal details were stolen or breached, would you want to know?

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