Do you Audible?

I don’t read enough. I find it hard to sit down and spend much more than about 5 minutes reading a book, unless I’m on holiday. There’s probably something in that, and my clients who operate in the field of psychology (or have experience in the field) will probably raise an eye brow and have a stern […]

Is the ATO putting your personal details at risk?

Have you noticed that when you receive a call from the ATO, they always call from an UNLISTED number then ask YOU to verify YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS? And it’s not just the ATO, I’ve noticed the same when my bank calls me to confirm whether I made certain transactions on my credit card. In an […]

Should you consider an Android handset as your next business phone?

Smart phones are an integral part of the modern business person’s repertoire. Having a phone that can simply make calls and send text messages is a luxury of the past. If we don’t have instant access to our corporate emails, contacts and calendar, there’s a feeling of disconnect. With that in mind I felt it was […]

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

This film picks up from the events of Transformers 2 with the Autobots working alongside the US military to keep the Earth safe from the Decepticons and unsavoury human elements.  Not long after re-introducing us to Sam Witwicky (Played by Shai “The Beef” Shia LaBeouf) and filling us in on the war for Cybertron, we are thrown […]