Password Security

Are passwords the bane of your existence? Are your passwords shorter than 10 characters? Let’s face it, in some way, shape or form we are FAILING to use secure passwords.

It is time to review your passwords and ensure all staff are adhering to a strict password policy. The security of your data is only as strong as its weakest link.

A strong, effective password requires a degree of complexity. Adding symbols, different cases and length is a good start however there are some additional requirements to make a great password.

10 Steps to a secure password

  1. Use at least 10 characters – the longer the better
  2. Use at least one upper case letter
  3. Use at least one lower case letter
  4. Use at least one number
  5. Use at least one symbol
  6. Try to have 2 words in your password
  7. Update your password regularly! At least every 30 days.
  8. Don’t write it down
  9. Don’t give it to anyone else
  10. Don’t use personal information such as birthdays, anniversaries, children and spouses names – yes we are all violating this rule!

Try to be creative with your passwords! Make passwords from phrases or words spelled phonetically or use letters from a memorable phrase, song or poem.

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