Need help keeping track of time?

Do you often get to the end of a day and wonder where the day went? What chewed up all your time? Perhaps you need better insights on what time your team spend on their various tasks?

During the recent mastermind group meeting I attended in Nashville, one of the speakers suggested a tool she had found that really opened up her eyes on what she spends her time on each day and after signing up for a trial of the software for myself and my team, I wanted to share this finding with you as well!

The program is called Time Doctor, and it helps you keep track of the amount of time you spend during your day on various tasks and projects.

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial and add all your team to it. You then download a small program for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, which is a timer for various tasks you are performing.

The really nifty thing is if your computer goes inactive for a few minutes, Time Doctor notices and asks you if you are still working or on a break.

Even though we have a fairly comprehensive database for tracking our time, there are moments in the day when I quickly jump from one task to another, usually as a result of someone walking into my office and asking me a question, or a client or vendor calling.

With Time Doctor I’ve been able to audit my time, as well as my teams.¬†At the end of each day you’ll receive an email report outlining all your teams time.

And you’ll get a weekly report highlighting the websites your team have spent more than 10 minutes in, and the software applications they’ve used.

If you feel like you work a 60+ hour week, or that someone in your team isn’t pulling their weight, I highly recommend signing up for the free trial at and ¬†finding out where all your time goes. You may be very surprised!

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