Zoom Security Settings

Many of us have moved (or are moving) to a “Work From Home” model, which introduces the need to leverage collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams and others to help us stay connected and continue to “do business”. The problem is, if you rush to use these new platforms without taking into consideration the […]

How to prepare for a data breach

Whether you want to believe it or not, there’s a high probability that at some point in time your business will suffer a cyber incident that results in a data breach. It doesn’t matter how good your security is, software has bugs, and people make mistakes – and these two things will at some point […]

Do I really need a cyber-secure printer or copier?

Yes and No, but mainly….. No. In the last few months our clients have been getting calls from Managed Print and Copier sales people suggesting that they could get “hacked” due to their printer and potentially being fined under the new Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) scheme. Whilst it is technically possible to “hack” into a […]

Is it time for the regulation of IT consultants?

When Henry Ford built the Model T, safety wasn’t his number one concern. Despite the automobile existing in some form since 1807, the enforced use of seat-belts in motor vehicles didn’t occur till the 1970s in Australia, and similar periods for other developed countries.

BGL Simple Fund could be putting your business at risk!

UPDATE: On the 3/11/2016, the Director of BGL Corp contacted me regarding this article. Ron Lesh and I discussed in detail about the issue we [INSANE and the other IT provider] had identified. Ron went on to confirm for me that the latest update informs the individual performing the update if the default password is […]

Jumping from Android to Apple…

These days, buying a smartphone is a lot like buying a car. Whether you get a Hyundai Getz or a Ford Focus doesn’t really matter in terms of driveability. Both will get you from A to B, both have 4 wheels and you can choose whatever colour you like. Which one you decide to get […]

TAFE QLD Hack Downplayed!

On Tuesday, we heard that the Department of Education and TAFE Queensland websites had been ‘hacked’, but no confidential information had been obtained. “No more than you could find in the White Pages”, or so we were told…….