Why Is VPN Service an Advantage to Business?

Virtual Private Network (VPN): It is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, virtual ‘tunneling protocols’, or traffic encryptions. A virtual private network connection across the Internet is similar to a wide area network (WAN) link between sites.

Significance in business:

VPN is an essential part of IT support and network services. The significance of VPNs is that they provide a connection between two or more places (branches of the same organisation) using an already existing, shared network infrastructure than having to set up a new hardware system for this purpose. The perks of this service is having a private network using public network resources.


In order to avert exposure of confidential business data, VPNs allow only authenticated remote access and uses encryption techniques for data security.

‘Tunneling protocol’ is used to improve VPNs security.

(Note: ‘Tunneling protocol’ is a network protocol that encapsulates packets at a peer level or below. It is used to transport multiple protocols over a common network as well as provide the vehicle for encrypted virtual private networks.)

The essential characteristics of VPN security are:

  • Secure encryption of data
  • Sender authentication (to eliminate unauthorised access)
  • Message integrity to find out illicit manipulation

VPN in mobile technology:

As businesses begin to go mobile, VPN has effective measures to safeguard data in the mobile environment.

Mobile VPNs are used in situations where VPN end points are not fixed to one single IP but travels across many networks. These include Wi-Fi and cellular networks. They have also been widely used in healthcare and by law officials. Hiring experts in medical/legal practice IT support is a sound option for easy and secure access to data

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Importance of spyware removal and protection on a business network


Spyware is a program that installs itself into the hard drive of a user and obtains and transmits information about the user’s activities.

Some of the commonly known spyware are

  • Keyloggers
  • Trojans
  • Botnets

Spam, Ads, Popups:

While it isn’t necessary harmful, it does affect the performance of the system. Also known as adware, their presence isn’t welcome in a business network leading to a slowdown and poor business output.

Expert Help:

These ‘creepy crawlers’ can cause data theft and network problems. In any security arrangement, protection against spyware is instrumental for smooth functioning of the system. Hiring an IT support firm well-versed in security issues is always the right call.

Basic Safeguard:

Some traditional ways of shielding against threats are installing anti-virus software and online filters. This may be an effective way to combat basic threats but it isn’t enough for larger threats.

Advanced Persistent Threat:

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a set of stealthy and constant computer hacking methods to sabotage business data.

Methods to combat APT:

Network/Data security audit:

Conduct a full network sweep to conduct an analysis and proceed with the security strategy that will work best for the system.

Educate Employees:

Making employees aware of data security threats and having a workshop on how to be safe against network attacks can be a helpful tool in eliminating a major chunk of the problem at the grass root level.

Data Encryption:

A simple and easy way to secure data from being misused.

Regular Backups:

Regular backups should be mandatory as a business owner can’t afford to lose business data.

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How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Business

The cloud is the way to go:

Cloud Computing has revolutionised the IT sector and has made business expansion and operations more convenient by storing information on the cloud. But like all new technologies, it is yet to be used in its entire capacity by the industry. If you are a business owner and planning to go the cloud way, hiring a professional IT consultant service can be a good option.

Advantages of opting for cloud technology:

  • Flexibility
  • Significant data storage cost reduction
  • No need for purchase and maintenance of computing resources
  • Easy modification and customization of software

The cloud brings in an even field as the technology is available to everyone from corporations to medium size businesses. Start-ups now have access to the same high-end tech facilities of any enterprise. Outsourcing cloud computing allows the company to focus entirely on improving and developing the core of their business and not on maintaining the cloud infrastructure.

All tech related upgrades can be done on a centralised platform, and if you have outsourced your Cloud services, it becomes much easier as the IT support firm takes care of that as well.

Future growth:

With the internet everything is global, and for a business to thrive globally, cloud computing is a necessity. Cloud platforms create a new trend in data infrastructure in the IT industry which can help develop low investment business opportunities for a lot of local players to take it to a global stage.

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Why it’s better to outsource IT service/security

Modern day businesses today for the most part are reliant on computers and the internet. A day without these essentials results in direct revenue loss. The dependence on digital equipment has increased so has the security risk. Keeping track of your network security and maintaining it constantly is a complex task and requires expertise. If you are a small or medium size business owner, having a team of dedicated network service engineers and technicians can prove to be quite expensive.

Why outsource?

Outsourcing can be an effective way to both maintain your network and at the same time saving costs on issues such as computer repairs. The major reason for outsourcing IT support and network maintenance is to gain access to top notch industry professionals who know their stuff. IT support firms employ a host of expert professionals who have handled network and IT related issues previously. With these experts, you pay for only as much service as you require rather than the cost of full-time staff. Security service firms keep the business focused on daily operations.

How to choose a good IT consultant service

Make sure they are right for you.

Cloud computing support:

If you’re planning to outsource all basic data storage and maintenance services; make sure the firm has cloud capabilities.

Look out for trial service:

A trial service can be an effective way to judge the quality of an IT support firm.

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Guidelines for Protection of Wireless Networks

Modern cyber criminals focus on insecure wireless routers to gain control over a device. Once achieving control over a wireless router a cyber-criminal can possibly monitor, redirect and involve themselves in lots of awful online activities. There are a large number of wireless networks vulnerable to router attacks due to lack of awareness or reluctance of the users.

Implementing simple protective steps in the settings of the wireless router is important for obtaining protected network services on the Gold Coast.

Here are a few measures to ensure protection of wireless routers:

Have a Less Predictable IP:

It is possible to avert a potential CSRF attack by having a less predictable IP address.

For Example:

It is better to use an IP such as rather than to have

Log Out of the Router When Not in Use:

As long as the router is logged in, the router can be configured using a browser. This makes the network more vulnerable for a CSRF attack. Therefore, it is important to log out of the router after use to avoid such easy pickings for criminals.

Switch to a WPA 2:

WEP standards of protection have been proved to be too weak to avert potential attacks. Therefore, it is important for WEP users to switch to WPA2 (Wi-Fi protected access).

Disable the WPS:

WPS (Wireless Protect Setup) is an easy way for more than one user to connect to a wireless network through a password. But this is susceptible to hacker attacks as hackers can easily track the password.

Update the Router Firmware:

Maintaining updated router firmware is ideal for avoiding security problems and other product issues.

To maintain a hassle free network it is important for users to offer greater priority on the protection of wireless network devices rather than implementing additional security features.

Tips for Maintaining Greater Security on a Cloud Server

Offering greater flexibility, performance and scalability of data, cloud computing on the Gold Coast has emerged as a great strength for business purposes over the last few years. In today’s world people are more concerned about cloud computing security, despite a lot of inbuilt security features in all methods of cloud computing.

Cloud computing security can be enhanced to further levels by users if they manage to adopt certain simple practices.

Here are a few security enhancement techniques, take a glance

Choose a reliable Cloud Vendor:

The prime step towards reliable security is to find a reliable cloud vendor. Trustworthy vendors are likely to adopt a wide range of security features to ensure that the data stored on the cloud is kept safe and secure.

Additional security measures you adopt are of no use if your cloud service is provided by an insecure service provider.


It is recommendable to use a firewall and update it regularly. An effective working firewall is good enough to prevent potential attacks and frequent server crashes leading to data loss.

Install only relevant software:

It is a fact that the vulnerability of your cloud data increases with the installation of more software. Therefore, it is good to avoid the installation of unnecessary software and look at using applications delivered via SaaS platform’s which can be used directly without installation.

Choose the Right OS:

Always choose an operating system that can offer reliable security features in adherence to its performance. Avoid certain OS’s which are simple to work alone but built with lower levels of security.

Adopting these simple features and keeping all features of the server updated will ensure that your cloud setup will be free from data threats and disturbances.

Hybrid Cloud Computing and its Benefits for Business

Hybrid cloud computing on the Gold Coast has come into existence to satisfy the rising business demands and to lower the IT expenses. As the name suggests hybrid cloud computing is a hybridized version of private cloud and public cloud technologies. In other words, hybrid cloud can be said as an intermediate cloud which is developed to achieve the benefits of both private and public cloud systems. Depending on the requirements users can use a single or multiple private and public cloud combinations.

Hybrid cloud offers numerous benefits to the users. Have a look at a few

Flexible operations:

Generally a company can involve processing of critical data as well as routine activities. Hybrid cloud offers greater flexibility for such business operations. For instance, while processing critical functions a company can use a private cloud and if the business function is not of critical data, then public cloud will be ideal.

Enhanced Security:

Hybrid clouds give users the opportunity to keep data out of the public clouds (despite its reliable security features) to ensure an extra security to business processes.

Reduced Costs:

Depending on the business processes companies can configure the usage of private and public clouds. Companies just need to have the optimal IT infrastructure required for their private cloud. This ensures a massive reduction of costs when compared with conventional private cloud.

Better Performance:

Hybrid cloud offers better agility which enables companies to move seamlessly between the two clouds and thus minimize downtime. Also by optimizing the resources business can have output with greater efficiency.

Covering all the beneficial features of public and private clouds, hybrid clouds are available at a very much affordable cost which indeed has made hybrid clouds the best for business.

Specialties and Benefits of VPS hosting

VPS web hosting on the Gold Coast has gained lots of popularity since its entry into the web hosting arena. With people depending on shared and dedicated hosting over the years, VPS hosting has been considered to be a hybridised version comprising the benefits of both the conventional hosting methods.

A VPS server is a dedicated server which runs in a shared environment enabling the hosting of a number of websites. Every site hosted in VPS servers will have a separate IP address and independent CPU resources, hard disk space and memory. All these are achieved by creating virtualised partition in the server through virtualisation software.

Here are a few benefits of VPS:


As VPS offers independent memory, RAM and CPU resources to each website, it is possible to gain better page speed and better up-time thus gaining better overall performance.


VPS does not require a dedicated server or other hardware requirements for webhosting. Users can obtain an individualised and dedicated approach in hosting without actually purchasing any dedicated equipment.

Users can customise their plans as per their requirements such as upgrading memory, preferred operating system, bandwidth and more.

Increased Privacy and Security:

As users are obtaining a separate VPS straight from hosting it is possible to have higher levels of privacy and security. Also VPS enables users to have customised firewall configurations.

Full Control:

VPS hosting offers full control to the users. This allows users to install their own framework and software. Also users can restart their server whenever they are required to do.

With all the above traits VPS fills the gap between least expensive shared hosting and most expensive dedicated server hosting at a reasonable price and a completely beneficial package.

Internet Explorer Security Risk

Overnight, news has broke out about a security fault in Microsoft Internet Explorer – the web/internet browser that comes installed in Microsoft Windows.

This “Zero Day” exploit is believed to exist in all versions of Internet Explorer. Microsoft is yet to release a patch for it.Continue reading

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