Specialties and Benefits of VPS hosting

VPS web hosting on the Gold Coast has gained lots of popularity since its entry into the web hosting arena. With people depending on shared and dedicated hosting over the years, VPS hosting has been considered to be a hybridised version comprising the benefits of both the conventional hosting methods.

A VPS server is a dedicated server which runs in a shared environment enabling the hosting of a number of websites. Every site hosted in VPS servers will have a separate IP address and independent CPU resources, hard disk space and memory. All these are achieved by creating virtualised partition in the server through virtualisation software.

Here are a few benefits of VPS:


As VPS offers independent memory, RAM and CPU resources to each website, it is possible to gain better page speed and better up-time thus gaining better overall performance.


VPS does not require a dedicated server or other hardware requirements for webhosting. Users can obtain an individualised and dedicated approach in hosting without actually purchasing any dedicated equipment.

Users can customise their plans as per their requirements such as upgrading memory, preferred operating system, bandwidth and more.

Increased Privacy and Security:

As users are obtaining a separate VPS straight from hosting it is possible to have higher levels of privacy and security. Also VPS enables users to have customised firewall configurations.

Full Control:

VPS hosting offers full control to the users. This allows users to install their own framework and software. Also users can restart their server whenever they are required to do.

With all the above traits VPS fills the gap between least expensive shared hosting and most expensive dedicated server hosting at a reasonable price and a completely beneficial package.

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