Guidelines for Protection of Wireless Networks

Modern cyber criminals focus on insecure wireless routers to gain control over a device. Once achieving control over a wireless router a cyber-criminal can possibly monitor, redirect and involve themselves in lots of awful online activities. There are a large number of wireless networks vulnerable to router attacks due to lack of awareness or reluctance of the users.

Implementing simple protective steps in the settings of the wireless router is important for obtaining protected network services on the Gold Coast.

Here are a few measures to ensure protection of wireless routers:

Have a Less Predictable IP:

It is possible to avert a potential CSRF attack by having a less predictable IP address.

For Example:

It is better to use an IP such as rather than to have

Log Out of the Router When Not in Use:

As long as the router is logged in, the router can be configured using a browser. This makes the network more vulnerable for a CSRF attack. Therefore, it is important to log out of the router after use to avoid such easy pickings for criminals.

Switch to a WPA 2:

WEP standards of protection have been proved to be too weak to avert potential attacks. Therefore, it is important for WEP users to switch to WPA2 (Wi-Fi protected access).

Disable the WPS:

WPS (Wireless Protect Setup) is an easy way for more than one user to connect to a wireless network through a password. But this is susceptible to hacker attacks as hackers can easily track the password.

Update the Router Firmware:

Maintaining updated router firmware is ideal for avoiding security problems and other product issues.

To maintain a hassle free network it is important for users to offer greater priority on the protection of wireless network devices rather than implementing additional security features.

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