Guidelines for maintaining the Server’s hardware

In a computer network, the server is responsible for controlling and coordinating the entire functionality of all computers within the network. Proper care and maintenance is needed for the server to deliver optimum performance and reliability.

In this article you shall find certain points on hardware maintenance.


It is important to ensure that the RAM chips in the server remain dust free. Accumulation of dust might lead the chips temperature to rise causing permanent damage. Therefore it is important to keep cabinets clean by blowing compressed air through them to clean out any dust.


Defragmenting the drive periodically will ensure optimal disk performance. In order to prevent loss of data it is better to opt for RAID solutions (Using multiple hard disk drives). Hard disks have an average lifetime ratings known as Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). It is good to replace the disk before this period and prevent surprise failures.


Similar to memory chips, processors need to be kept clean. As processors need consistent cooling it is advisable for the server admin to keep an eye on the processor fan or other existing cooling solutions and ensure that these cooling solutions work properly.


Network adapters need to be maintained and updated to the latest device driver software. This will ensure improved performance and reliable network services on the Gold Coast.

Importance of UPS:

A UPS is essential for server hardware to prevent damage from voltage fluctuations and harmonic disturbance, as well as from providing backup power.
Following the above steps will ensure that your server hardware will have a long lifetime without creating too much trouble for your business and server administrator.

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