Is your backup up to scratch?

A proper backup strategy is one where backups are completed daily, with multiple copies of data, and at least one copy taken off site. There are a number of different options for backups including tape drives, external hard drives and internet based storage. If you data is important to you, multiple copies or a combination […]

So what the hay is ‘The Cloud’

As the office manager at Insane I have come to realise that working with a bunch of techs is not that bad. Since I started at Insane I have heard the expression ‘the cloud’ thrown around like it is ‘Microsoft’, ‘Apple’ or ‘Google’.  But like many I had no idea what it was!

Security Alert

There has been a recent SCAM – involving people posing as an IT Support Company, working with Microsoft. They ask you to click on START, then RUN – Please hang up straight away or say that you do not use computers. If the computer is having issues please contact us immediately and advise us what […]