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Don’t just take our word for it, hear what some of our clients have to say about us!

You definitely get what you pay for. We have found that most of our little issues have been due to the various software applications – certainly not our equipment. Yes, it was expensive to start with but honestly Dave and his team just take total control of all our IT needs and it is hassle free for us which is great as we do not have anyone in-house with enough computer knowledge to sort things out.

Having a maintenance plan is wonderful and the one we took generally covers everything! It also helps us with cash flows and budgeting. Since we have been using Insane we have never had a major problem where we have incurred a large amount of down time and therefore a big loss of income. (This did happen to us previously a couple of years ago where we were unable to access our systems for two days!). They are very conscious of downtime costing us money and often work to install or fix something after hours which really suits us (all covered in our plan). Having an agreement gives us total peace of mind knowing that everything is looked after and all we need do if there is an issue is pick up the phone. Fully inclusive is definitely the way to go!!

Practice Manager
Walsh and Walsh Accountants

Insane Technologies are not the cheapest IT consultants in town but we pay for peace of mind. Insane Technologies is available to us 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Insane Technologies came highly recommended to us from another medical practice we know. They had already done all the comparing with a lot of the other computer companies out there and after interviewing a lot of them they decided on Insane.

The practice manager stated how happy they all were with all the staff and services Insane provides. Which was good enough for us and that was at least 5 years ago!

We are in the medical industry and it is of the upmost importance we have a secure back-up system, so worst case scenario if the back-up crashes it can be re installed immediately not effecting the running of our business.

Insane ensures we have the latest anti-virus software to prevent any viruses, violation breeches, spam etc. which is not only extremely important but is an essential part of our Accreditation Standards. Insane ensures daily monitoring of our network and conducts a monthly maintenance check.

It is bewildering to me that there are still some companies out there that leave themselves open to the ever increasing attacks on business computers leaving their important data and confidential information potentially open to the public.

We are extremely happy with Insane Technologies and would not hesitate to recommend them to any potential new client

Office Supervisor
Runaway Bay Doctors Surgery

Insane Technologies have been servicing our computers since 2002. During this time their staff have been extremely effective in maintaining our computer equipment. Over the years they have helped our network grow which has not been a huge out of pocket expense due to their introduction of fixed price monthly IT support plan.

Having this system in place means our computers are maintained 24/7 as well as being fixed in a very short time frame, if there is a major problem.

I can’t speak highly enough of the help Insane gives, I appreciate not having to worry about our computers and instead can focus on the running of our business.

Auspac Media

Crushing and Mining Equipment has a long standing relationship with Insane Technologies where they have proven to be a very dedicated provider so much so that we have signed up a contract with them taking care of all our support needs on the IT side. Their response is quick and well informed advice and directions are given. The employees at Insane are always friendly and empathic with the occasional system crises.

In terms of upgrading software and hardware I find their advice spot on and due consideration is always given to cost versus value. They gladly have explained to myself and others around CME the intricacies of an issue at hand.

Branch Manager
Crushing and Mining Equipment

Insane Technologies have a “no problem is too much of a drama” attitude. No matter how little or how big they are always prepared to help and get it sorted as soon as possible. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and strongly recommend them for any job. The hosting and support is incomparable, with no down time that i have ever experienced. They are the only company i would bother dealing with. Why shop around when you have the best.

Justdave Photography

Insane Technologies have worked with Village Roadshow Studios for the last 8 years. They have helped establish our fibre system and implemented new software that has formed an integral part of our IT network. We have had Insane set up an office at the Studios to maintain a constant support for film production.

Insane monitor and maintain our fibre network on an ongoing basis and constantly keep the Studios up to date of new software to be able to constantly meet the demands of film production.

David stopped wearing ties some time ago which is a great relief to film production and is currently attending a course on champagne appreciation ?

Village Roadshow Studios

Testimonials from former clients….

David was the consummate professional and went above and beyond with anything that we needed.

Assistant to Director
Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

We are a superannuation fund administration company using proprietary software, with internet and intranet links. we have used the services of Insane Technologies in both an advisory and hands on role.

We have found Insane Technologies highly competent and ready to assist quickly when required. Their levels of service and response times are excellent.

Compass Administration

David and the team he has put together at Insane are great to work with. They take the time to listen and understand what your business needs and then translate that into IT solutions that fit. Delivering successful projects which meet expectations and budget are rare in the IT world but David and his team at Insane deliver time after time. If you need help with IT give Insane a call.

Chief Financial Officer
Oceania Aviation Services

We are a legal support service, and as such there are three major factors that directly affect the performance, and thereby success, of our business; Timeliness of response, integrity of information, and confidentiality.

Our company being small in terms of number of personnel, we rely heavily on external expertise for our I.T. needs. David Rudduck and his staff at Insane Technologies have consistently provided rapid response and successful resolutions for both the establishment of our network, and ongoing systems support. They have proven themselves more than capable for both hardware and software solutions.

As our I.T. and web service provider, Insane Technologies essentially act as an integral part of our firm, the importance of which cannot be over-emphasised. As such, we recommend them to any firm requiring the same high standard of service in which we pride ourselves. We take this opportunity to thank David and his team for their continuing support.

Queensland Independent Costing Services

… Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers that arrived on my doorstep on Friday afternoon. You cannot possibly imagine how special that was.

Insane is not only excellent in their delivery of quality product, but have an after sales service that is simply the best. It was the one bright spot in an otherwise lousy day.

Thank you so much. The flowers and the thought behind it is something beyond anything we could have imagined or expected. If you don’t mind, its something we will take into our business.Thank you so much for everything you have done for us and continue to do.

Red X-Ray

David Rudduck helped us achieve data management, transmission and IT goals on the Australia side on the Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader production. Collaboration between Dave and Jim Rota, our Production Technology Supervisor here in the US was an essential element in our 100% file-based digital workflow. The project was a success in every way and we owe a measure of that to the steadfast professionalism of Australian partners like Dave Rudduck.

Executive in Charge of Post Production
Walden Media (Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader)

Testimonials from industry partners….

David understands the value of knowing your stuff and providing outstanding customer service at the same time. Few IT consultants grasp this concept and I’d recommend David and his team over anyone else.

Marketing Director

I have worked with David over the past several years and recommend him and his company to all Tusk’s clients. Not only is he an excellent engineer, but his deep knowledge and exceptional customer service ensures success in everything he does. David always goes above and beyond, and genuinely cares about his clients.

Managing Director
Tusk Agency