Why Choose Us?

If you've been researching IT consultancy and service firms on the Gold Coast you've probably found it hard to differentiate one company from another. Everyone promotes the "exceptional" customer service they provide; everyone is (or should be) a Microsoft partner; established firms all have high retention rates; and yes you SHOULD be able to speak direct with managers and owners of the business - but all this is very "same same".

We aim to raise the standard you should expect and provide you with unique reasons why you will want to do business with us over everyone else (or, it might help you decide that we're NOT a good fit for your business too!)


The protection of your data is our #ONE goal. Our unique heritage gives us an unparalleled insight into the best ways to protect your business now, and in the future.

David’s history, and our focus on training our team on information security best practices, uniquely positions us for the coming storm. We are members of the Australia Information Security Association and the Australian Cyber Emergency Response Team (AusCERT), and regularly attend the AusCERT conference and the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) conferences to further our knowledge and understanding on the subject.

We don’t just sell blinky boxes - we evaluate your unique risk profile and design a defense in-depth strategy to give you the best protection for your business.

Procedure Driven Mindset

We love procedures and documentation. We even have a procedure on writing a procedure! Exceptional results just don’t occur due to luck, they occur through prior preparation and planning.

Specialised Experience

We focus our training and solutions on a core group of industries who we have served since the very beginning.We don’t want to be all things to all people – we just want to be the best for YOU.

We have been servicing businesses in Accounting, Legal, Medical and Film/TV Production for over 17 years and are constantly looking for ways in which we can provide more value, enhance our clients businesses, and make them run better, by focusing our research and training on solutions targeting these industries.

Certified Professionals

Did you know there is no official accreditation or license required to be an IT Professional? Unlike most other professions, the IT industry is currently unregulated, meaning anyone can be an IT consultant!

Our Director, David, has been recognised as a Certified Professional by the Australian Computer Society, an industry body which is focused on enhancing the IT profession, continued professional development, and setting an ethical standard for our profession.

100% Local

We are a 100% homegrown, local, Gold Coast business. All of our staff work and live in Australia, and we do not off-shore any of our IT service team. This ensures that YOU can have the highest confidence in the security of your data and the privacy of your confidential information.

We go further with our team to ensure everyone passes regular criminal background checks and have a strict HR procedure (surprise surprise!) that helps weed out 80% of the applicants, along with a stringent career and professional development program to ensure our team are always enhancing their skill-set, and not just with vendor certificates, but with real world business skills.