Dedicated To Your Success

Our focus is on protecting you and your business


We believe personality and a genuine desire to want to help others is the most important quality in every person we employ. Soft skills can’t be easily taught, whereas if the individual has the passion and the desire, they can learn anything. You will love working with our team, because they are regular, down to earth human beings, who you can hold a normal conversation with, who won’t look at their shoes as they ask you where the server room is, and don’t get “all weird” about social interaction.


Our goal is to make technology your friend, to make it easy, and to make it work. With nearly 20 years in business, we have worked for businesses of all shapes and sizes, varying industries, locations and even countries! We have tinkered, hacked and played with solutions of all shapes and sizes. As a result, we know what works, what’s reliable, and what technology businesses with 5 to 500 employees need to operate efficiently.


We are the masters at thinking outside the box.  We know that every business is different, needs are different, people are different and not to mention budgets, and over the years we’ve found ingenius ways to deliver exceptional results for clients like you. We absolutely love coming up with truly creative ways to deliver results for you – especially when others have said it’s impossible!

Leadership Team

  • David Rudduck
    David Rudduck Managing Director

    David Rudduck is the founder of Insane Technologies and plays the role of business manager, chief researcher, consultant and virtual CIO for both Insane and our clients businesses.

    David has consulted and worked for major national and international firms including Village Roadshow (for both Village Roadshow Theme Parks and Village Roadshow Studios), Benesse Corporation in Japan, 20th Century Fox and Walden Media.

    Outside of work, David enjoys yoga, snowboarding and a good glass of red wine.

    David has two cats (Nilla and Shadow) and a Siberian Husky called Yuki..! (David comes from a family of pet lovers!)

  • Joel Hindman
    Joel Hindman Technical Manager

    Joel Hindman specialises in working with a wide range of technologies, including servers, workstations, networking and hardware/software support. Joel’s certifications include Cert IV in IT (Networking) and with years of IT industry experience under his belt, he is the technology expert our customers count on to keep their businesses running smoothly.

    Joel’s education includes tertiary studies with TAFE and ACIT, and his previous experience includes working as an IT Manager for Buildsafe QLD. In his time away from the office, Joel enjoys AFL (Essendon), NRL (Titans), computers & technology, home brewing and gaming.

  • Dean Biggins
    Dean Biggins Operations

    I met my wife while working in the UK. We moved from Yorkshire back to Australia in 2006 and settled on the Gold Coast where my parents also live. We returned to the UK for an extended holiday in 2009 where we got married in my wife’s home town. Planning a wedding in one country while in another one certainly brought its challenges, but my parents in law were spectacular in helping from their end scoping out venues, photographers, florists and everything else that goes with weddings.

    A few years ago we bought our first home in Helensvale and until recently spent as much time and effort on home renovations and DIY as we could. Our daughter Charley is however, the greatest thing I’ve ever done (and will likely ever do) with my life, and nothing can replace the feeling of walking through the door after a long day and getting a smile and a hug.

  • Rhiannon Danilovic
    Rhiannon Danilovic Client Relationship Manager

    Rhiannon is an avid traveler, with 25 countries under her belt. Her favourite places include Prague, Brussels, Colmar, Edinburgh and London – where she lived for two years.

    When Rhiannon isn’t traveling, or planning her next adventure she loves nothing more than being at home with her family, and most notably her beloved Golden Retriever – Atlas.

  • Yuki
    Yuki Senior Office Mascot

    Yuki entered our lives (and our hearts :)) late in 2014, as a new furry addition to David’s household. She’s a purebred Siberian Husky and she brings a lot of love and joy to the office.

    She can be a bit of a distraction to the team (and some clients) from time to time, but we all feel it’s a worthwhile trade-off to have her in the office!

    When Yuki’s not in the office, she likes to visit our clients, chase David’s cats, eat lots of treats and lie in the sunshine.

  • Atlas
    Atlas Junior Office Mascot

    A very good boy!