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Dedicated To Your Protection

Information Security best practices are part of our culture, not an optional service

How are we different?


We believe personality and a genuine desire to want to help others is the most important quality in every person we employ. Soft skills can’t be easily taught, whereas if the individual has the passion and the desire, they can learn anything. You will love working with our team, because they are regular, down to earth human beings, who you can hold a normal conversation with, who won’t look at their shoes as they ask you where the server room is, and don’t get “all weird” about social interaction.


Our goal is to make technology your friend, to make it easy, and to make it work. With nearly 20 years in business, we have worked for businesses of all shapes and sizes, varying industries, locations and even countries! We have tinkered, hacked and played with solutions of all shapes and sizes. As a result, we know what works, what’s reliable, and what technology businesses with 5 to 500 employees need to operate efficiently.


We are the masters at thinking outside the box. We know that every business is different, needs are different, people are different and not to mention budgets, and over the years we’ve found ingenius ways to deliver exceptional results for clients like you. We absolutely love coming up with truly creative ways to deliver results for you – especially when others have said it’s impossible!

Our Team


David Rudduck

Managing Director

CISSP, GCFE, MACS Snr CP (Cyber Security), IP3P


Joel Hindman

Technical Manager



Dean Biggins

IT Services

Callan Orgill

IT Services

Andrew Hopkins

Cyber Services

Robert D'Arcy

IT Services

Arieh Laverty

Cyber Services


Cyber Dog

Our History

January 18, 2000
The Beginning
David (then 22) founded Insane Technologies after obtaining a contract to support a Gold Coast superannuation administration firm.
January 18, 2000