April 2014 Webinar (Cloud Security)

How Secure Is The Cloud? If you missed our April webinar, you can watch it again here. Recorded Wednesday the 16th of March 2014. During this 20 minute webinar, we’ll be covering: What is Cloud Computing (in simple terms)? Why should you consider Cloud Computing for your business? How can Cloud Computing provide your business […]

Data Security for Small Business

With the increasing number of cybercrimes including data theft and hacking, business owners need to be really careful not to get caught. It is important even for small business owners to dedicate time towards data security and continue to improve it, to prevent undesired problems related to their confidential data. Have a look at a […]

Benefits of IT Consulting Services

As Information Technology is vast and ever changing, it is important for an organisation to keep up to date with advances in IT for their industry. Maintaining a dedicated IT department may not be feasible for small and medium sized companies because of the cost and time constraints. The more cost effective and reliable solution […]

March 2014 Webinar (VoIP)

VoIP: Learn how to SAVE MONEY on your telephone costs and enhance your business! If you missed our March webinar, you can watch it again here.

Tips for Maintaining Computers in an IT Organization

Computer systems are critical in a modern business. Thus, computers are expected to deliver 100% performance. A company which gets optimum performance out of its computers will certainly save a lot of time which in turn leads to financial gain. Maintaining computers is not a huge issue, rather it is just the matter of applying […]

Guidelines for maintaining the Server’s hardware

In a computer network, the server is responsible for controlling and coordinating the entire functionality of all computers within the network. Proper care and maintenance is needed for the server to deliver optimum performance and reliability. In this article you shall find certain points on hardware maintenance. RAM: It is important to ensure that the […]

All about Computer Network Security in business

With a massive improvement in technology every task in business management has become computer dependent. Hence it is important to ensure that computers connected in a network deliver and share information free from the interference of unauthorised and undesired users or programs. Network security is the process of taking preventative measures to protect the underlying […]

Benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing can be simply said as the process of using the internet for computing requirements. Cloud computing promotes users to access and run shared programs or applications at any place and anytime, with an enabled internet connection.  If you are a company, staff you can access your office data and files away from the […]

January 2014 Webinar

2014: The Business Challenges and Technology Trends You NEED To Be Aware of and Planning for NOW! If you missed our first webinar of 2014, you can watch it again here.

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords

Quite frankly, these are the bane of most peoples existence. Your bank requires you to keep a PIN for your savings card and your credit card, you’ve got passwords for your computer, your emails, your Facebook account and every other internet based service you use. And if you’re like a lot of people, these passwords […]