Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars We run monthly educational webinars on the last Thursday of every month @ 11.00am. These webinars generally go for 30 minutes or less. To register for the next webinar, click the topic you’re interested in. August 28th – Are FREE Public Wi-Fi Services Putting You At Risk? Free Wi-Fi is pretty much everywhere […]

Why Is VPN Service an Advantage to Business?

Virtual Private Network (VPN): It is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, virtual ‘tunneling protocols’, or traffic encryptions. A virtual private network connection across the Internet is similar to a wide area network (WAN) link between sites. Significance in business: VPN is an essential part of IT support […]

Importance of spyware removal and protection on a business network

Spyware: Spyware is a program that installs itself into the hard drive of a user and obtains and transmits information about the user’s activities. Some of the commonly known spyware are Keyloggers Trojans Botnets Spam, Ads, Popups: While it isn’t necessary harmful, it does affect the performance of the system. Also known as adware, their […]

How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Business

The cloud is the way to go: Cloud Computing has revolutionised the IT sector and has made business expansion and operations more convenient by storing information on the cloud. But like all new technologies, it is yet to be used in its entire capacity by the industry. If you are a business owner and planning […]

Why it’s better to outsource IT service/security

Modern day businesses today for the most part are reliant on computers and the internet. A day without these essentials results in direct revenue loss. The dependence on digital equipment has increased so has the security risk. Keeping track of your network security and maintaining it constantly is a complex task and requires expertise. If […]

Guidelines for Protection of Wireless Networks

Modern cyber criminals focus on insecure wireless routers to gain control over a device. Once achieving control over a wireless router a cyber-criminal can possibly monitor, redirect and involve themselves in lots of awful online activities. There are a large number of wireless networks vulnerable to router attacks due to lack of awareness or reluctance […]

Tips for Maintaining Greater Security on a Cloud Server

Offering greater flexibility, performance and scalability of data, cloud computing on the Gold Coast has emerged as a great strength for business purposes over the last few years. In today’s world people are more concerned about cloud computing security, despite a lot of inbuilt security features in all methods of cloud computing. Cloud computing security […]

Hybrid Cloud Computing and its Benefits for Business

Hybrid cloud computing on the Gold Coast has come into existence to satisfy the rising business demands and to lower the IT expenses. As the name suggests hybrid cloud computing is a hybridized version of private cloud and public cloud technologies. In other words, hybrid cloud can be said as an intermediate cloud which is […]

Specialties and Benefits of VPS hosting

VPS web hosting on the Gold Coast has gained lots of popularity since its entry into the web hosting arena. With people depending on shared and dedicated hosting over the years, VPS hosting has been considered to be a hybridised version comprising the benefits of both the conventional hosting methods. A VPS server is a […]

Internet Explorer Security Risk

Overnight, news has broke out about a security fault in Microsoft Internet Explorer – the web/internet browser that comes installed in Microsoft Windows. This “Zero Day” exploit is believed to exist in all versions of Internet Explorer. Microsoft is yet to release a patch for it.